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Travertine Criteria

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* Tile must have 90 degree at all four corners
* No rust color should be in the color of the stone
* No pores should be in the filling of the stone
* No rust colors should be in the pours of the stone in the back
* The filling should be filled with cements (each tile goes through a mechanical filling process, then reinspected and filled once again by hand)
* The cit on the sides should be perfectly perpendicularly cut and no slope is acceptable
* The thickness of the tile should be in inches
* The color variation of the lot of the tile should be as close as possible without noticing the color variation and consistency
* The tile should measure (12"*12", 16"*16", 18"*18" & 24"*24")
* The cut of the block should be cross vain cut and not straight cut
* The crates should be build from strong wood pallets and to the specs needed for stacking and fork lift use
* The face of the tile should show from both sides of the crate
* The tiles should be packed in a special way where the face of the finished tile will be facing fork lift use
* Their should be Styrofoam on the bottom of crate and side of tiles for protection.












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