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Polished granite is highly reflective and all of the color, depth, and crystal structure is brought out. By polishing granite, the surface pores become sealed, making the stone nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear.

Unfilled travertine stone is also quite beautiful, and is often seen as exterior surfaces of buildings. Travertine stones result from hot spring water penetrating up through underground limestone. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals, giving it its banded appearance. Travertine stones are generally light-colored beiges and tans.

The finest and smoothest finish available in stone characterised by a high lustre (gloss) and strong reflection of incident light, generally only possible on hard, dense materials.

Just as with marbles and polished limestone, travertine is normally only used for special applications such as bathroom and kitchen flooring. In this case, protection is assured by the use of special water- and oil-repelling products which protect the surface without generally changing its look. After application of these products, a surface residue can crop up. This must be removed after drying, from four to 24 hours after treatment according to the type of solvent used in the protective product. The same type of treatment can be applied when polished travertine is used in non-walkover areas such as: vanity tops, cooktops, thresholds, etc.
A polished travertine surface can be stained in a variety of ways, especially if not treated. Note that in many instances -- as with marble and polished limestone in general -- these defects will not be penetrating stains, but rather surface opacity, which looks like a stain at first glance.

Depending on the degree of factory polishing, the look and feel vary from non-reflective and a "warm/soft" touch to a high reflectivity and harder feeling finish. See the page on polished marble for more information on the highly polished stones.
Polished travertine: The holes and crevices are not polished, therefore, they will be a little more absorbent than the polished areas. Pick the sealer for the less absorbent areas so you do not have more gloss than desired.

Some travertine is polished to a high, reflective finish. A highly polished stone finish has unique criteria that limit choices in sealing.




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