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Honed: A honed finish is smooth and shows the full color of the stone without reflection. This is the same procedure used to polish, but the honing process ends before the buffing stage.
Honed is a supper fine smooth finish, through not as a polished finish.
Covering structure of a road or a room performed to obtain a flat and smooth surface, suitable for vehicle or foot traffic. In beaten earth it was the simplest flooring used in the old days. Venetian floorings were made up of fragments of coloured marble arranged randomly in a layer of cement. The Palladian floorings presently used in modern building combined with new materials such as linoleum and rubber are also of Venetian origin. Floorings can be classified into three categories: in elements, in sheets and monolithic.
Flooring in elements may be stoneware tiles, tiles of marble or honed stone, in marble chips, of porcelain glass or tesserae of porcelain stoneware. Sheet floorings are those made of rubber, plastic material or linoleum.
Manufactured slabs are all technically suitable to guarantee perfect flooring.
Travertine is a stone formed by calcium based minerals coming out of solution to form a slightly porous hard stone. The stone is then sawn and the voids filled and finally honed to give an eggshell smooth finish. The stone can be used in virtually all environments to include external and commercial applications when specified at the appropriate thickness.
Polished finish.
The finest and smoothest finish available in stone characterised by a high lustre (gloss) and strong reflection of incident light, generally only possible on hard, dense materials.

Honed: Honed tile is simply a tile with a matte finish. Most travertine has a honed finish. It is possible to get a near polish with the use of sealers, but that would be up to the installer - not the factory. Traditionally travertine doesn't polish as well as marble which can obtain a glassy look.

Tumbled - This stone is tumbled with sand, pebbles or steel bearings to create a weathered, aged finish.

Filled: Natural travertine comes with pores or small holes where gases were once trapped. These holes are usually filled in with cement in order to create a uniform surface.

Unfilled: The natural finish of the stone is unfilled, leaving pores and holes exposed.

Polished: Polished granite is highly reflective and all of the color, depth, and crystal structure is brought out. By polishing granite, the surface pores become sealed, making the stone nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear.


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