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tumbled travertine tile
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Travertine marble produce

tumbled travertine is an architecture based travertine / marble producing company fully equipped to fulfill all your indoor and outdoor construction based applications in natural stone. tumbled travertine is producer for honed and filled / unfilled, patented and chiseled edge, tumbled travertine kitchen tiles; pavers limestone, kitchen tile slabs. travertine is limestone that has been formed over a long period of time Travertine marble produce. It is a sedimentary calciferous stone formed in hot springs. Typically, hot water passes through limestone beds and takes the calcium, from the limestone into suspension and takes that solution to the surface where the water evaporates and leaves the calcium crystals in layers on the surface travertine marble produce.

Vein cut stone

Travertine is porous with many visible holes. It is available in colors ranging from ivory to golden brown. The holes and cavities are filled with matching Portland cement, colored epoxy, or polyester resins. Travertine can be cut on either a vein cut, which is against the bedding which r eveals the bedding planes, or a fleuri cut, which is along the bedding plane and reveals a flowery, often circular pattern. travertine, stone, vein cut tumbled natural filled unfilled color brown surface flooring Iran decoration, brushed. This cut is also referred to as a crosscut pattern. Tr avertine can be filled, usually with a compendious filler, or left unfilled for a more rustic appearance. Travertine comes in several shades of cream beige, brown, pink and gold, and is available in a number of different kitchen tile sizes and slab thicknesses. It is normally used for flooring, wall cladding, pavers, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds and furniture. Its many different colors enable it to be widely used in mosaics and as tumbled stone. tumbled travertine are suppliers and manufacturers of natural stone flooring, natural stone paving, and natural stone landscaping products for inside and outside, as well as natural stone bathrooms. Our focus is on sandstones and limestone. We supply direct to both the commercial and domestic markets world wide marble produce slab.